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We’re on the cutting edge of lawn care!

We’re the first choice for Bellingham and Whatcom County homeowners in need of professional lawn care and landscaping. Do you wish you could take care of your lawn but don’t have the time? Do you have a tree that needs pruning or a flowerbed full of weeds? Call us. We can help!

Lawn Care

Proper lawn care doesn’t just add aesthetic appeal. A well kept lawn with a deep root system provides erosion and runoff control while helping to purify subsurface groundwater. There’s a lot to lawn care that most homeowners aren’t even aware of–whether it’s trimming grass too short or not mowing regularly enough. At JB’s Lawn Service, we can help you protect your investment while adding curb appeal to any landscape.

Tree Services

Dead or dying trees aren’t just ugly. They pose a number of safety hazards and liability issues. Keeping the trees around your business or home healthy and well trimmed doesn’t just protect your safety, it can save your from increased insurance premiums, potential lawsuits and unexpected bills. We offer a variety of expert tree care and maintenance for residential and commercial clients.

Gutter Cleaning

A gutter that’s filled with debris can often lead to a leaky roof or water damage to your home. Clean gutters are integral part of your home’s well being. If you don’t have the time to properly clean your gutters yourself, we’re here to help. JB’s Lawn Services offers prompt and professional gutter-cleaning in addition to our lawn care services.

Are you taking care of one of your biggest investments?

Your home is likely one of your biggest investments. And your home’s surrounding landscape can be its crowning jewel. But if you lack the time or tools to take care of your yard, then you could be losing one of your most precious investments. That’s where we come in! JB’s Lawn Service isn’t your typical landscaping company. We’re an experienced team that restores and maintains yards with precision, efficiency, and care! We have the tools and time to take care of your yard in a quick, efficient and professional manner! Our team is insured, properly equipped, and we have decades of experience in meeting the needs of Whatcom County homeowners like you who just don’t have the time or tools to take care of your lawn yourself. We guarantee our work!

Contact us today at our Bellingham office and:

  • Receive friendly and efficient yard care
  • Increase your home’s aesthetic appeal
  • Receive professional-quality work at an affordable price
  • Wow your neighbors with a beautiful yard
  • Enjoy a beautiful yard without any hassle or work
  • Learn why homeowners all over Whatcom County prefer us to other landscaping companies

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