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Hello and welcome to the website of JB’s Lawn Service! We are the first choice for homeowners in Bellingham and all of Whatcom County for addressing their landscaping needs. Do you want to take care of your lawn but just can’t find the time? Do you have a tree that needs some pruning or a flowerbed that is getting full of weeds? Life can often impede our desire to take care of seemingly small things like our yard, yet it is these very things that add or take away from the beauty of your home. For instance, we’ve all seen the house that is gorgeous, but because it has a lawn that isn’t taken care of properly, we dismiss the entire house as being ugly. Isn’t that amazing? We base our opinion of a house partly on something like whether or not the lawn is cleanly mowed!

We’re The Solution

Unfortunately, though many people realize this, their yards show that they don’t have the time or tools to get their yard looking nice again. They worry and worry but never have the time to get their yard taken care of properly. That’s where we come in! JB’s Lawn Service, located in Bellingham, Washington, isn’t your typical landscaping company, but is an experienced team that will restore and maintain your yard with precision, efficiency, and plenty of care! We have the tools and time to take proper care of your yard in a quick, but efficient manner! Our team is insured, properly equipped, and has years of experience in meeting the needs of Whatcom County homeowners like you who just don’t have time or tools. At an affordable price, we guarantee you that the job will get done right the first time, and that we will be quick and efficient in our work!

Contact us today at our Bellingham office and:

  • Receive friendly and efficient yard care
  • Increase your home’s aesthetic appeal
  • Receive professional-quality work at an affordable price
  • Wow your neighbors with a beautiful yard
  • Enjoy a beautiful yard without any hassle or work
  • Learn why homeowners all over Whatcom County prefer us to other landscaping companies