Many people underestimate how much gutters affect your house’s look; gutters can make your house appear messy or clean, depending on whether or not you clean them. Leaves, muddy rainwater, mold, and even grass can grow in dirty gutters! Although no one wants this, it’s so easy to ignore since most of us don’t look up when we walk out our front door. Cleaning rain gutters can also be hazardous though, and it’s important that a person knows what to do and takes safety precautions.

Here are some consequences of having dirty gutters:

  • Water damage to your roof and roof overhangs

  • Sagging gutters

  • Increased risk for foundation erosion and cracking

  • Entrance of mold into your home

  • Home has dirty, unkempt appearance

We Are Here To Help You

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “I want my house to look good, but I just don’t have the time to clean them!” We understand that you probably don’t have time or aren’t able to climb all over a roof! JB’s Lawn Service is the first choice for homeowners all over Bellingham and Whatcom County when it comes to their landscaping needs. We will clean your gutters for you and let you enjoy the benefit of a clean-looking house, with no work on your part!

Contact us at our Bellingham office and enjoy the benefits of having clean gutters:

  • Increased foundation stability

  • Mold-free home

  • No expensive water damage repairs

  • Clean and well-maintained home with no work on your part

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