Weeding and Flower Beds

::Weeding and Flower Beds
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Flowerbeds are a vital aspect to any home or business landscape. When flowerbeds are properly taken care of, they can add a great deal of visual appeal to your property. However, it’s important to keep weeds away from those flowerbeds for many reasons. Yes, weeds are unsightly, but unwanted plants can also compete with your flowers for space, water and nutrients. Weeding also helps to keep your soil loose and aerated so water can infiltrate more rapidly and the flowers and cultivated plants can develop healthier and stronger root systems. You don’t have to have pricey flowers or exotic plants for your flowerbed to add aesthetic appeal to your house – all it takes is proper care for what you do have in your flowerbed.

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JB’s Lawn Service is the landscaping choice for homeowners in Bellingham and all over Whatcom County and we can help you too! We understand that you don’t really want to spend a day in the dirt pulling weeds, we are offering our services to you! Think of all that time that you’ll then have to do other things that are more exciting! Think of the worry that you’ll get rid of because you know that your yard is in good hands! JB’s Lawn Service, located in Bellingham, has the experience, tools, and the time to get rid of those weeds in your yard! Call us today and get:

  • Professional-quality care for your flowerbeds

  • A beautiful yard at an affordable price

  • Friendly and efficient service

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