While hedges and trees can easily lift the look of your landscape, taking care of them can be both time consuming and costly. Do you have unruly twigs, cobwebs, and untrimmed leaves in  your hedges? Do you have a tree that’s causing a nuisance?

Many people try to fix these problems themselves, without the proper training or equipment, and end up making their yards look worse or even damaging their house! Tree trimming can be especially dangerous, if you don’t hire professionals with proper equipment.
We’ve streamlined the process. As tree- and hedge-trimming professionals, we take care of landscapes all across Whatcom County and beyond. We can help you take care of your landscape too, in a professional and timely manner. And it’ll cost you a lot less than doing it all yourself.

The Benefits

  • Reduce the strain on the central trunk that unnecessary peripheral branches cause

  • Encourage an increased fruit yield for fruit trees and increased growth for non-fruit trees

  • Increase safety for your family by eliminating precarious tree limbs

We Can Help You

JB’s Lawn & Tree Service, based out of Bellingham, will get your trees and hedges trimmed properly and unlock the beauty of your yard! We’ll trim your hedges with precision and care that’ll give sunlight-deprived branches a chance to grow. Don’t settle for ugly hedges or awkward tree branches – contact us today at our office in Bellingham! You’ll get:

  • Properly trimmed hedges

  • Friendly and efficient service

  • Increased tree growth

  • Safe environment for your business or family

Our Local Bellingham Team is Experienced & Licensed

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