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Why should you put your lawn care in the hands of professionals?

If you’re a business owner or homeowner in Bellingham or Whatcom County, you probably realize the importance your landscape plays on your property’s overall look and curb appeal. But aesthetics aren’t the only reasons for lawn care maintenance. Cutting your grass cut regularly will help the healthiest shoots flourish while leaving the week blades behind. So the more often you cut your lawn, the healthier your grass will grow. Regular lawn maintenance can also help you prevent patchy or uneven grass. Washington lawns face nuisances like inclement weather, pests, and disease all year round. The key to overcoming these is to keep your lawn well maintained. Also, the longer your lawn goes without care, the harder it is for your lawn to bounce back. Offering professional lawn care with stellar customer service our No.1 priority at JB’s Lawn Service. We’re here to help make your property a beautiful addition to the lovely landscape of Washington state! Call us for a free quote today.

Let us give your lawn the love it deserves

There’s more to mowing a lawn that simply “cutting grass” and running over your lawn with a lawnmower. It’s important that your lawn gets the expert care it needs. JB’s Lawn Service can take care of your lawn and give you a yard with:

  • Clean-cut edges

  • No missed spots

  • An attractive & clean pattern

  • Stronger grass

  • Even growth

  • Faster recovery from damage

What’s in it for you?

If you don’t have the time to properly care for your yard or don’t want to buy or store the necessary tools, we can help. Contact us today at our office in Bellingham and be proud of your lawn! Enjoy the benefits of hiring JB’s Lawn Service:

  • No expensive tools and equipment to buy

  • More time to do the things you enjoy most

  • A beautiful lawn with no work on your part

  • A healthier lawn

Our Local Bellingham Team is Experienced & Licensed

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